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ever consider those who take their health self-responsibly... may view you with your mask.. as either known sick, irreponsible, or a selfdoubtingthomas or jane?

What I mean is very simple.

fear or usng the better tool here,
being ...concern
goes both ways. .. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

come read me here: :D okay, thanks!

that is all, make it a lovely after noon. hyphen missing intentionally.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

while this isn't the official release blog for my projects, oh wait- yes it is..

Sorry, been slaying computer dragons the last 96 hours.

Okay, so the latest update is as such, (and more unsaid) but importantly:

most of the primary parent nodes of the network have been secured.

  • i did however run out of funding for a few of them, but the idea is so progressive i dont think anyone is in danger of registering them, unless they hate me.

more later, please make it a beautiful evening, and check later for more, or subscribe to this blog at the bottom, or via RSS to not have to remember.

You're going to want to know about this.

What is it?

A meta-modular software suite and aggregator / filtering tools and more under development but based on a linguistic and clear hierarchical taxonomy, that will be most fortuitous in the wake and fall of computer vision, ai data management, big data, big data scandals, migrations and diaspers of networks, and so on-

and I'll be there , mature, and ready, for the survivors, and nobody will be allowed to buy it, unless they're willling to sign a one line legally binding contract they just want to see this in the world and want to give it money, but dont need to own any of it.

Otherwise, I'll keep it among people I trust, and within our / my control.

Nobody can hold the creative vision and flame exactly like you do, and don't you damn well forget it. Don't ever be lazy with something important.

more later.


sincerely; Omar.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

this should show up on the webpage

this should be bold
this should be italic.

this message was composed, formatted, and sent directly from a hand-held, single AA battery powered pager.

make it a great day guys and girls.
.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

First Post.

Today's Date is Thursday, Sept 03, 2020 - “Gregorian Style.” LOL.

This is going to be a lot of fun. Stay tuned.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

The Plasma of the Electric Dawn, and associated Entropy, 9-2-2020 -

this is a test post, and will eventually be moved into another blog, but for now it pads out this so there is something here, besides a project specification or a super fuzzy and overly simplified draft-spec of what this particular blog is actually for.

okay back to the padding piece, which was a free-write, and goes all over the place.

So in Full Disclosure, I have been a medical cannabis patient for quite some time now, on and off, as my life events have dictated it be utilized by me as a restorative medicine.

If that pisses you off, this is not something you're going to enjoy, as there are a great many genera of cultural vectors of a much deeper level of pleating later on in this post, and you may not have a good time with this particular entry if that causes you to bow out on the precipice here I am fine with either outcome, participation here is always elective and you can stop at any time. :)

If for some reason this blog does piss you off, know that quite simply I am never trying to, period- end of story. So if that happens, it's either a shortcoming in my presentation style, knowledge of a particular subject, or totally not knowing you well enough, or whatever option “D” amounts to, but this kind of stuff is mostly of the physical and we model the translated physical behaviors to the best of our ability online, but it is important and the topic of another writing else where to get further into that dynamic. However, we in our modern world seem to experience dazzling new levels of social complexity and permutation by the week. What I'm referring to is when behavior online does not match with its organic counter-part – and this is largely even something that one cannot reliably measure, due to the nature of the control group, instead one must just observe it for what it is, and reckon its station in the large picture, if to understand it at all.

A great many things in this world do not lend tidily to reductionist logic, and the 20th-21st century seem to be custom built as a vehicle for this kind of thinking.

For example, when dealing with a host of common medical problems that would be simply ameliorated by the addition of a steady stream of polar lipids to the diet. Yes, olive oil.

The way the body regulates its cellular metabolism and removes disease causing debris, among other things- all rely on a steady supply of fats. Polar Lipids are part of the magic of fat molecules. They go along with the triacylglycerols, and fatty acids – etc but of course I have to laugh because you know scientists decided what to name all this shit, right? So, its important to mention that if you don't understand things because the names are weird, draw a picture or call it stuff you want, but just trace the function reliably as you draw, and perhaps you will see it differently in this new spatial presentation. If not, there are other methods.

But, there is scantly enough about the basic mechanics of the human body out there, that doesn't drive you towards someones making sure someones profit margin somewhere is not falling towards the red.

You see, a tremendous problem we have in society today is created by that a publicly traded company has to consistently establish a profit.

That sounds easy enough, but then when you consider that inflation on money is a constant train with no brakes, you must also understand this drives up the cost of goods and services. Since the inception of the federal reserve, the rate of interest causing increase in living costs to go up has consistently risen faster than the rate of pay increases, always leaving someone with “not just enough” money on hand to comfortably cover both. If I were going to play captain obvious, I would just tell you this is how they get you to stay at work, and build whatever it is the company is ultimately working on, but that's too simple- and there's more to it- but that's not this post, look for that sometime later and probably on another blog. If you want that specifically and cannot find it, ask for it- I'll shoot you an email with it. But it will be online and public. and look like this blog.

I was researching a particular bio-chemical pathway and tracing a probabilistic series of reactions , in another part of the body, and came across this absolutely fantastic article about the trends in research in the cannabis industry c.2019. :: Which I can't find now that I've closed about 80 browser tabs and 20 programs. (I'm not kidding). (From the past 48 hours of computing only heh heh. Busy beaver here.

Now, you all probably know by now that if you know me, I'm essentially some exotic cross between “damn hippie” “I didn't recognize you in that suit,” and everything in between, but truthfully I'm happiest in nature, just sitting around and walking hiking cooking in open air over fire, and sleeping in cool crisp night air, and the bask slowly as the spirit dances the transitory line between the world of agglomerated physicality from whence it will balance its connection between that density and here all day until you sleep again, quite invisibly for most, and for most- for good reason.

But really, the regenerative electro-super-inductive powers of the early morning plasma discharge and associated effusion, are absolutely incredible to work . What's left of or accessible anyhow. Beware of the false golden light. It looks pretty damn cool on purpose. But yeah basically I am part “damn hippie” most of the time, damn hippie in sheep's clothes most of the time, intellectual auto didact and otherwise total simpleton, loves to laugh work with his hands and really doesn't like to talk a lot, but when you get things going or the circumstance is right, it's damn dirty motor mouth hippie, but in slow motion because I'm not 19, and people learn a lot better when you pause for comprehension and pacing your story or share, lesson plan or what have you.

But But But... Anyhow, when I go out, (hey shit some of them are kind of comfortable !) But at home, “damn hippie” unless I have company or expect it. Then it's 100% clothes for sure, I am not a Neanderthal, and was raised a gentleman and stuck to it.

To change the subject, It's really a lovely sense of internal utility when you meet something you have no idea how to do, but the rest of the time it's some cross between operating things with razor precision all the way to okay we need to smash this because the screw is stripped.

But I don't even usually necessitate clothes. Too busy really. Less work, less waste, the cat is indifferent, and I live alone. I also am extremely careful with keeping the shades closed or at the appropriate angles to fully retard any view into my residence. So it's really not an issue, ever – but definitely you are advised this does not pair well with cooking.

I'm going to wander off now, and do some other stuff and things.

Oh wait, we are still here. (Still closing those 308 running programs, while I proof read this before getting off the computer for some hours, and leaving you and the others to digest this.

During my two months off of facebook and my most recent 're-calibration' period, I've thought of a great many of you and wondered how you were doing, and or how you had solved the last issue we'd been discussing at our most recent mutual juncture.

##If you were having a bad time, I hope that is not the present perspective vantage for you##

#**[this is going to appear dis-congruent, but this is due to much inserting, and literally melting, so we're just leaving you this disclaimer for now. keep reading, it'll all piece itself together in the end inside your head, if not immediately, at some point later when you least expect it to. ]

I will now insert this bit of ridiculousness:

If you are new to markup, and are wondering what the hell the seemingly random pound signs and asterisks are all about, markup lets you format text by surrounding words, paragraphs, or sentences, or even a single letter within different combinations of those two symbols, and does stuff like make the words go somewhere else, or show up bigger, or smaller, bolder, italic- and that stuff.

It's not a standard thing in all websites, but it is a core aspect of what makes this blog tick. So while I learn about what I can do with these symbols, and have likely forgotten to edit those out of this document, but have poured over this for literally hours slowly and checked the rest of it, but definitely not for linearity, or continuity – shit – that's half the fun of a good free write!

You get to safely disassociate very temporarily from any “mechanical monkey mind” like “I have to take out the trash by 5pm,” and access a slightly deeper part of your consciousness, a shallow bridge between the subconscious mind and the “awake” sensory mind. More on this at some point later in it's own entry, because it's important. The magic happens in the spaces between your stored perspectives, the present moment experience, and the general character and quality of the experience you're having, along with a few other subtle but acutely affecting variables.

###(or me just messing with markdown combinations + bullets and writing too much yesterday and this morning, (20k words +– a few, in the past 48 hours. ::blink:: Okay, so we are going to end all the writing as Ive been closing down windows and now we have a bit about a banana.

#What is your Bananna thinking? * its definitely plotting to be sweet. * you might be left with the peel. * it should be a bit slippery * and a bit soft and sticky * it should be a good time. * i am banana, hear me ploosh. * tongue in cheek, i provide the b vitamins, you doth seek. * so don't be meek, just put me in your mouth.

###Yes, this was supposed to sound intentionally ridiculous. Welcome to poetry sometimes.

That wasn't the point, the point was I'm not one to support blindly globalists, or any “ists or “isms” really, in general – this is extremely dangerous, as they are not only rolling pawns in a multi century game of precision multi variable psychological warfare and linguistic obfuscation paired with reality generating and electromagnetic al-chemical magic and radio warfare, but none of this is really here nor there, and it's not really something you can't find if you look hard enough elsewhere, I really don't want to talk about it as interesting as it is, it really is just the application of rules, logic and human energy to a synthetic electrified plasma, and its secondary global projection, and all the stuff tht goes along with it...

but, like a a great many other things the wizard plays with to orchestrate the dance with the playing board, and leaves you with this thing you probably call “popular culture, rules, law, society, social accountability, and this is not the time for this dialogue, and I really don't want to or like talking about it much anyway, and it sure doesn't make me feel good, it's pretty weird stuff, but at the end of the day it's just physics, chemistry, and a few other things all rolled into such a carefully crafted package most people will live and die never even knowing it's there or catching a glimpse of its shadow. But it is literally everywhere, just about, by the virtue of its illusion.

WE have the choice to intersect or become convergent or divergent or run alongside at our own pace and directives in a quiet parallel, because it really is- another world. If you want to think about it another way, it's a synthetic density, but it's actually there, and we can interact with it.

But again, I don't want to get into it.

But as the wizard behind the managerial curtains of strategy tugs and adjusts and twists the knobs and dials, and inserts new code, and twists up old ones, I can assure you that they're all having quite a bit of fun and if you think they are going to stop you are fully deluded, and that is not my problem, nor my full opinion, but a semblance of love urging you to consider all of the differing angles again, and just stop looking for an answer. It will hit you in the face but be a bit less hairy unless you were already paying attention for some considerable length of “focus,” or time, in which case you are likely also a dirty hippie or meta physician, and honestly I hate labels, and find the whole thing utterly absurd, and damaging to a large degree, but many people currently lack the language or verbal skills to adequately describe or even in some cases think about things without their ready made labels designating the utility AND function of a person place or thing. This clearly, is at their disadvantage. More on all this and thinking styles later, as well as a sub section on control theory and process logic.

Which if you're already a skilled meta-physician, this is already second nature and not really worth mentioning, but – from the outset to the peripheral edge conceptually if even able to see it, of the crossover point to the inner perhipheral edge , as that domain of darkness ends, there will be a great many other demands placed on you until you adjust into your new pair of clothes you've finally gotten together for yourself, and it will take some time to navigate once that kind of thing makes sense and your associated station can handle the extra learning.

Does anyone else wonder if the common house fly has been vectorized into some kind of weird little critter? it sure does not act like it did when I was a kid, but this may just be perspective again.. Strange passing thought spoken into the keyboard kinetically- Moving on..

[ there was a forbes article i lost the link to yesterday in about 300 programs and windows running, but ill put it in here later when i find it again .. i'm about to reboot and finally got everything monkey wrangled, saved and tucked away safely.

so the next paragraph most assuredly appears to be fully discontinuous with the above, and the below, and it most likely is. sorry about that.

The point is the article is being examined because it is interesting, and shows a great level of granularity about particular industry objectives and then you can reverse engineer and extrapolate and adjust your business accordingly so as to not be affected, or if you want to get real interesting and play a game, you can even do things like build out your long term plan to have your vertical market demographic interact with theirs, or vice versa or who knows what you can come up with, there is not a limit on that.

It was about cannabis chemo-typing, which well it sounds terrible, and I still cannot locate the article but eventually will. I had to kill a program, and the browser was not one with tab recovery as I was testing something, took a break, and in an extremely atypical fashion, read forbes for ten minutes and enjoyed it. Which, was the weirdest part of all.

But I think they meant they used a word people associate with death, and everyone they love dying, to mean something else, but IMPLY the bad thing? I don't know man, again – words are weird. But it might just be that I don't know enough Latin to understand the root conjugated word is different? Still melting, still not seeing the final paragraph, and tiring of how much I wrote, Jeez Louise. When the logic goes out the window, it is time to rest the head and re-integrate the body with the spirit. I'll be jumping back in here later to proof it a third time, perhaps we will solve the continuity issue then as well.

I do realize very very much so that this jumps all over the place topically , and otherwise – and I don't usually write like that, but this is actually kind of interesting. Perhaps I'll do a format like this every so often, we'll need see.

[so much has been added the hyperbole about Markup Syntax is no longer relevant to anything and likely later a sentence or two from this mish mash will survive elsewhere.]

exhibit A:

While reading this, a great many bells started ringing, and I will likely be adding to this later, and trying to keep it succinct, and having to re-review how to utilize Mr John Gruber of Daring Fireball and Apple Computer and so many others, fame- the elusive and useful markup .md files, which this site is built on. It's hilarious to me actually this fact that until earlier this year I did not know John Gruber had written markup. and I am indeed absolutely without question a 20+ year linux guy. The other day I was cleaning a closet, and found a spindle of CD roms.. I found a version of debian 3.0 rc2... and grinned ear to ear like a high school idiot, and put the box away gingerly.

More on my thoughts later, regarding the places this is going in my mind, without getting into extremely granular and annoying details, and here is the article in its entirety at forbes in plain text without a silly paywall. Paywalls are fine I think if you are small, or provide value. A lot of sites provide questionable value, and function more as blunt force political instruments rather than ostensibly accurate and evenly weighted or at least how about common sense or policy weighted, or any modulo that makes more sense than splitting a group of 300 million people up into “ are you on the left, or are you on the right” or are you one of those “fringe” groups we have to worry about?

I'm sorry that is horse shit, and you better believe we will be discussing classical logic, process control, and a whole bunch of other things like game theory later in another post, in respect to how the political process gets to function by utilizing logic rationale structured procedural and semantic syntax in how it executes plans, among a great many other fascinating things you may not have heard of before.

The post may require a dictionary close by.. I'll try to link one of the dictionary sites I use sometimes when trolling for a good synonym or antonym closer to a root, or out of common use because if nobody else does, then words legitimately die. – and include it for your use during reading the post, but clearly demarcate the link in proper markdown clickable linky link link sauce and make sure to be obvious about its location at the beginning or end of this document, likely bounded between a pair of double horizontal rules.

Hey Omar, remember to see what declares the code will take for css variables before you try to start writing your theme for your blog. odds are it only takes 5 or 10 operators, and you should probably just email Matt and look at the source code for this site's software first. :)

Which (and I have not measured it yet), appears to have an asymetric default page layout. Here at Looks like its doing what I'd have done, instead of a 1/3 column layout which always has a janky side unless you auto scale it and have a scaling factor (and this makes fonts really fckig hate you if they are intricate or kerned a particular way, ) trust me just look for it realllly close up or magnify things.. fonts really dont like that. especially bitmapped fonts, and truetype fonts. post script fonts can handle it a lot better but they are not on the web, and do not get me started on all the unnecessary bottlenecks users experience from congested java script based FONT cdn's, when one can easily store and inject with more elgant code and far less complication, custom fonts into the web page via css, or shudder- boot strap, et al – but I cannot tell you how many websites have seen me never come back to an account or site, when they use something like google font api. This is a goddamn rookie mistake, snowflake.

I may be alone in this, but I am the kind of engineer / designer / hacker / tinkerer whatever (human being!) – that enjoys shit that looks great AND works great. so i dont care if it has pretty fonts if i have to get up and go do something else and alter my routine to use your slow ass web page, when an executive decision to add 40 megabytes to the software package and have them all be fonts, was vetoed, for whatever reason – you are officially not really understanding the electro-dynamic power of logos as pertaining to linguistics and the power of certain glyphs in combination or even in the combinations to make words but once you really understand more of how this works in english and other character based representative alphabets, it gets pretty interesting and goes all sorts of fascinating places you'd never really think to consider, or maybe you had.

Culture is neat. I have just been freestyle waxing here, but now I really would like to enjoy a hand rolled cigarette, some California legal cannabis so i can recognize that i do indeed have a lower back, and spend some time enjoying the quiet morning stillness borne of electric plasma purple blue then yellow, most people cant see the orange and other colors as you go down in density of the plasma as the sun begins to come up, but ... this is yet again an entirely different story for an entirely different article here.

Stay Tuned.

Efficiency is King. (... Omar.......... stop fucking with me.) (I'm not, I just got really excited and efficiency is still king.)

Hope ya'll have a beautiful day.


If you read this far, you deserve a medal or something. See you soon!

much love and kindness, ~Omar

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