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thought can compress time.

.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

something about the smooth muscle...

i forget need to look this up when i see this.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

arduino to kbd to linux for doorrbell tty interactive system...

.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

ants geenerate silica..?

.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

if yoou ever think for a moment oh i dont like that art. the artist used drugs.

...okay 8ts your turn make the same art!

man.. his or hers would exist with or without your persppective..

.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

meaning the drugs dont make the art...the artist does. use your noggin.

.. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

march or april by the 21st.

likely emminent large global infrastructure '{c}hange$.'

#doctorbeansdotorg .. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

ever consider those who take their health self-responsibly... may view you with your mask.. as either known sick, irreponsible, or a selfdoubtingthomas or jane?

What I mean is very simple.

fear or usng the better tool here,
being ...concern
goes both ways. .. – Omar

much love and kindness, ~Omar

come read me here: :D okay, thanks!

that is all, make it a lovely after noon. hyphen missing intentionally.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

while this isn't the official release blog for my projects, oh wait- yes it is..

Sorry, been slaying computer dragons the last 96 hours.

Okay, so the latest update is as such, (and more unsaid) but importantly:

most of the primary parent nodes of the network have been secured.

  • i did however run out of funding for a few of them, but the idea is so progressive i dont think anyone is in danger of registering them, unless they hate me.

more later, please make it a beautiful evening, and check later for more, or subscribe to this blog at the bottom, or via RSS to not have to remember.

You're going to want to know about this.

What is it?

A meta-modular software suite and aggregator / filtering tools and more under development but based on a linguistic and clear hierarchical taxonomy, that will be most fortuitous in the wake and fall of computer vision, ai data management, big data, big data scandals, migrations and diaspers of networks, and so on-

and I'll be there , mature, and ready, for the survivors, and nobody will be allowed to buy it, unless they're willling to sign a one line legally binding contract they just want to see this in the world and want to give it money, but dont need to own any of it.

Otherwise, I'll keep it among people I trust, and within our / my control.

Nobody can hold the creative vision and flame exactly like you do, and don't you damn well forget it. Don't ever be lazy with something important.

more later.


sincerely; Omar.

much love and kindness, ~Omar

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